About the talent of Bosi from Hoskuldsstadir

Thorhildur Bjartmarz:

This narrative was written in 1955 for Mark Watson who had seen the dog when traveling in Skagafjordur.

Narrative of Bosi from Hoskuldsstadir in Skagafjordur.

Bosi from Hoskuldsstadir is a rather light in colour. His ears are well erect and his tail is spiral. He is 8-9 years old and starting to show signs of old age. Yet his hearing and sight is excellent and he is happy. But his legs have started to fail although he´s not limping. He seems a little bit neurotic. One could say that Bosi is more a capable dog then an intelligent dog. He is good-tempered and behaves nicely.

Regarding having puppies from him the following should be noted-quoted by the owner of the dog, Stefan Jonsson, a bachelor but a squire at Hoskuldsstadir: ,,Bosi was a very animated dog, poor thing. Yes he was and very efficient fetching sheep but not as good to drive them. He had a tendency to bite if he had become tired. Now he has become old, just an old dog“.

Asked about the dogs capability  for conception he says: ,,Well, I think he has become rather slack at that, rather slack. He has always gone to Dalur. There are bitches in heat there. I think he did not go there this year‘‘.

The dog is not for sale as it is. About that the owner says: ,,I do not need dogmoney to live on“

There is no mention of who writes this notes to send to Watson.

Reikningur bosi

(A picture of the invoice for Bosi and Brana from 1955)

Bosi was later sold to Watson for 1.000 kronar and the owner took him to Reykjavik and got paid for the fare and accommodation  for 2 days, almost 300 kronar according to the account.

It was far from easy for the owner to give Bosi up. He sold him with the condition that he would get news and a picture of Bosi when he had arrived at the destination (California) and he would be notified when the dog was dead.

Translated by Brynhildur Bjarnadottir for Hundalifspostur.is