A last farewell at Keldur

Thorhildur Bjartmarz:

Recently I found this narrative on the internet. Unfortunately the author is not known.

At the time when Watson was exporting dogs from Iceland, he was allowed to keep them at Keldur from time to time while they waited exportation.

I remember when a farmer from Skagafjordur brought a dog to keep at Keldur, Watson had bought the dog.

When the farmer turned from the cell where the dog was to be kept, his dog started to howl and was very miserable. The farmer went to the dog and tried to calm him down, then he left but the dog started to howl again. The farmer then took off his shoe and his sock and placed the sock in the cell. That worked.

The separation was very hard for both of them, I still remember looking at the farmer walking slowly down the driveway, one foot without sock. The dog guarded the sock until in quarantine in England.

The narrative is most likely of Bosi from Skagafjordur which Watson exported in 1955. In the book „Öldin okkar 1956“ is written:

In California there are two of the best known  dogs of an Icelandic breed, Brana of Jokuldalur and Bosi from Skagafjordur, bought last year and exported to California and made an appearance on American television last winter to much delight.

Translated by Brynhildur Bjarnadottir for Hundalifspostur.is